The aim of this activity is to improve the physical and emotional state of our users by carrying out physical activities adapted to the participating residents.

Healthy back

The aim of this activity is to perform exercises and activities to strengthen and flex the muscles of the spine in order to prevent changes or pathologies of the back.

Cognitive stimulation

This involves the establishment of workshops linked to festivals, seasons or specific dates with the aim of maintaining and increasing creativity, reinforce self-esteem, autonomy, improve social activities and promote teamwork.

Music therapy workshop

Using music as a guide, this workshop aims to encourage and improve self-esteem, mood, promote body balance and enable interaction between residents and emotional openness.

Cinema forum

Activity where, after watching a documentary or film of their choice, residents engage in a discussion and contribute their ideas or perceptions to encourage personal interactions.


In this activity, residents interact with each other and promote communication, personal development, memory and social skills.

Activity plan

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